Clamps - Strain

    Strain Clamps at MyShopNGo

    Strain Clamps have been specifically designed for use on Low Voltage ABC cable for;

    • House Service Connections from a pole to a fascia board
    • Mains dead end anchor or termination point

    The range of Strain Clamps is large and varied and includes both wedge type and bolted type. The LV ABC cable range is from 2c core and 4 core 10mm2 through to 2 core and 4 core 150mm2.

    Strain Clamps are installed by Accredited Service Providers (ASP), Recognised Electrical Contractors (REC) or suitably qualified electricians.

    Selecting a Strain Clamp

    The strain clamp you require depends on the application and the electricity utility you are looking to install on.

    We are a stockist and distributor of the all leading brands of House Service Connectors which include

    • Sicame
    • Michaud (PLP)
    • Simel (TE Connectivity)
    • CABAC

    If there is a Strain Clamp you are after and it is not in the above range, please contact us and we will source.