House Service Connectors

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    House Service Connectors or HSC's have been specifically designed to AS4396 for use by Australian Electricity Utilities or DNSP's networks. This includes:

    • Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy)
    • Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy)
    • Ausgrid (formerly EnergyAustralia)
    • Energy Queensland (formerly Energex and Ergon Energy)
    • Jemena Electricity
    • Citipower
    • Powercor
    • Ausnet Services
    • United Energy
    • SA Power Networks
    • Western Power
    • Horizon Power

    House Service Connectors connect insulated consumer mains (house side) to insulated service mains (service side).

    HSCs are installed by Accredited Service Providers (ASP), Recognised Electrical Contractors (REC) or suitably qualified electricians.

    HSCs are fully insulated and have simple torque control shear-head hex bolts. Typically a HSC is fully bi-metal, safe and easy to use and totally waterproof.

    Selecting a House Service Connector

    The HSC you require depends on the application and the electricity utility you are connecting to.

    You will need either a specific or a variety or combination of House Service Connectors. This may include HSCs with double bolts for a neutral phase or one with copper earth tails. They all come with various lengths and lug holes.

    In addition, you also use HSCs in main connection boxes (MCB). This applies to both utility domestic house connections and private installations.

    We are a stockist and distributor of the all leading brands of House Service Connectors which include

    • Sicame
    • Michaud (PLP)
    • CABAC

    If there is House Service Connector you are after and it is not in the above range, please contact us and we will source.